Friday, February 3, 2012

Midnight The Character Series 2012

Midnight Side view Drawing
Midnight Original Drawing

this is m!dn!6h+ or midnight. he iz a character i made that izz based off of me in real life. im not talking about the dork in the ghillie suit and the Nerf gun hahaha. im talking about me, josh bardsley. everything in the drawing represents me in some way. for example my name, j0$h 84rd$l3y, on his body,and the gas mask is to protect me from the rest of the teen age failures. also the anarchy logo on the hat and the ? to show that i don't understand society. midnight is my favorite character so far and there will be more details on him in the future. 

Ghost Drawing 2012

Ghost Drawing

anybody that knows me and my blog know that i loooooove ghost. i got the modern warfare 2:ghost comic book and i found an awesome picture in it, so i decided to draw it.realism isn't really my thing, but i couldn't resist this picture. this isnt going to be a long post because im tired because i stayed up till 3 am last night. i could not sleep at all and i felt like crap. anyway this is my drawing and i have many more coming.

Easy Company 2012

Easy Company Drawing

Snowball Fight Drawing 2K11

Snowball Fight Drawing

American Youth Drawing 2012

American Youth Drawing

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ghillie in the Snow

This winter has really sucked so far for snow. Jacob and I have been dying waiting for some since Christmas, especially since I got my Ghillie Suit. This week we got just a dusting, but we took advantage, and had a great battle in the snow and the dark!

Ghillie Lego Guy

Ghillie Lego Guy
When I was a young kid, my dad and I had a big train table. This week dad took some of the grass that is used making landscapes on a train table, and made this Lego character for me. I made the gun myself out of old used Lego parts.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ghost,Peanut,Walter Drawing 2012

My Dad did this beast drawing for me for Christmas

This year one of my other top gift choices was for my father to do a drawing of Ghost for me.Ghost is my favorite character from the Call of Duty series.  For my Birthday I got Modern Warfare 3, and tickets to see the Jeff Dunham comedy show over the holidays. Dad did this beast drawing for me, featuring Ghost, and two of my favorite Jeff Dunham characters, Peanut and Walter. He also added the Linkin Park logo. 

Christmas Ghillie Suit 2011

"Be the Tree" Ghillie suit laying in the leaves

Yeah, thats right! I own the woods now!
For Christmas this year, one of my top gift choices was a Ghillie Suit. Santa hooked me up with this beast suit made by Red Head. It is called "Be the Tree".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Linkin Park concert canceled!!!!!

Me and Dads' unused tickets!!!

Thursday morning press release. Are you #@%*ing kidding me?!!!!

for my birth day this year i got tickets to see linkin park at Verizon center. so ive been waiting since November to see this. OH MY GOD!!! so its finally the day i get all pumped up at school and the final bell rings. i get to my moms classroom and my dad is sitting there. so im like what are we waiting for and thats when he showed me this article. im actually sitting home from school im so upset. this sucks!!! keep posting.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

zombies, oh yea

zombies, oh yea

as you all know one of the best things about black ops is that they have brought zombies back. well i suck and you dont so thats a problem. anyway its pretty awesome. i, elite kit kat, am giving hockey wars a brand new motto: OH MY GOD!!!. my next post is going to be about  the whole omg thing. be sure to look at the capitals practice post under this. These are some of the high scores that i no of on xbox , post your high scores that you no of in the comment section below .make sure to mention what system the high score is on 
thx EKK.
TURC,BASTIAN,EDDY                                          25
ETHAN M,                                                               24

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caps practice at Kettler Ice Complex Jan.25,2011

 Jacob and I in front of Kettler Ice Complex
 Inside Kettler during practice
 Me with Mike Green
 Mike autographed my dads drawing
 Me with David Steckel
 Jacob gets Mike Knuble's autograph
 My dads favorite player Matt Hendricks
 My favorite player Mike Green
 ####ing Bruce Budreau gives the ####ing boys some ####ing instructions!
 Semyon Varlamov
 The effects of a Mike Green slapshot
Matt Hendricks autographing my dads drawing

Thursday, January 6, 2011


STEENER has won the first hockey waaaaaaaars mystery contest so heres a little tidbit about him. he is a die hard Philadelphia flyers fan, he likes linkin park (the best band in the world and my next blog), and he is a key part of my lunch table hobo legion a.k.a the LTHL. and yes his dad is right they have won more stanley cups than the caps but they were from before we were born. look at how old these pics are.LOL. dont worry people there will be many more contests to come.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011





Dads Drawing of Mike Green
mike green is the best first off. my dad is an amazing artist (obviously). if you go to the bottom of the page you will see bardsley sports art. thats his blog. but hes a competitor, so dont mind him. notice mike has a flat brim caps hat, hes a gangsta just like me. i basically introduced the flat brim hat to my school. its like a elite kit kat original. o yea, Nickolas backstrom is my bros favorite player.    


you are looking at the worlds best blogger and one of natures most deadly beast,the guardian, the protector, the barrier to the temple of awesomeness. but you might know him as the goalie of the best hockey team on earth. only Santa clause makes more stops than him. but look at the dude behind him. dosent he look like a high monkey?!?  


i dont know that much about boyd, but i know he plays for the caps (duh). so im just going to use this post to have my first annual HOCKEY WAAAAAAAARS MYSTERY CONTEST!!!!!!!! the first person to find out what country i live in right now and puts the answer on a comment on this post, will get there own random picture and blog post. it will be all about you. so start looking. heres a hint, its not america. the answer is somewhere on this blogsite. get lookin!!!  


EKK with Michael Nylander
sorry mikey is no longer on the capitals. but when he was, he was one of the best. remember to keep looking for where i live. and keep commenting. on my mike green blog that i have a flat brim hat. well just so you know this is before i got my first flat brim dc hat. i was so young and stupid then.


this is obviously the mascot. but he is also a gangsta ive skated with this hommie. some people think its funny to beat up mascots. well i think its funny when somebody tries to beat up slapshot and then slapshot beats the crap out of them. hes a beast. keep commenting. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


justin beiber
this is for all the people that dont know how to post a comment. Chose the post you want to comment on. at the bottom of the post click the word comments. type your comments in the box, then click select profile, scroll down to anonymous, click it, then the last step is to click publish comment. YOURE DONE! 

call of duty modern warfare

call of duty modern warfare
this is the other call of duty i play.people say that this cod sucks because its old.well shut your talking holes. its    pretty awesome, just look at it.most of you know captain price from call of duty modern warfare 2. well were do you think hes from. yuuuup you got it codmw. if you play tell me  


ekk with bruce boudreau
bruce is the head coach of the greatest hockey team on the planet, the capitals. now normally you would see him yelling at the team or just being angry. here he looks like he just got married. this is also at six flags. see that tail next to him. thats the mascot slap shot. i think hes the only one on the entire capitals roster that bruce hasn't emotionally stabbed. remember, comment on all my posts and be a follower. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Ops

The Black Ops Beast
black ops is the latest and best yet of the call of duty series. you might think im a loser for this but, i only have a wii so thats what i play on. its actually pretty good for wii. my name on wii is elite kit kat. im really  wanting to have a big private match party on nuketown. tell me your friend code and name and i will send you a request. even if you dont have it for wii just tell me some funny stories and tips about multiplayer.thx guys.

Elite Kit Kat with Alexander Ovechkin

EKK with Alexander Ovechkin 
if you dont know who alex ovechkin is, he is only the best hockey player to ever skate in the entire universe and Beverley hills. this is at six flags where i got to get ovechkins autograph. hopefully he will be able to lead the caps to a Stanley cup as easy as it is for him to ride roller coasters. tell me what you think.